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At New Classic Furniture, we constantly strive to make products that families desire while providing retailers with unparalleled service. With a wide selection of quality furniture, a sophisticated infrastructure, and value-based pricing, it’s easy to see why New Classic Furniture is the premier choice for home furnishings. 


We use proprietary manufacturing plants to produce each category of furniture we offer, which include master and youth bedrooms, entertainment, upholstery, and dining. With our own teams on sight to oversee production, materials, and adherence to all U.S. safety standards, these plants guarantee consistency, quality, and availability. Our retailers are able to offer you an entire home of furniture by tapping into our nationwide distribution center and our mixed container direct program.


Today's informed consumers yearn for quality and excellence, which is why our entire operation is dedicated to these core values. Our devotion to excellent craftsmanship shows in small details like 100% wooden drawers, dovetail drawer assemblies, and solid case goods bottoms. We also invest in big ways, including the latest in European-designed precision machinery, low VOC finishing systems, and exclusively designated manufacturing facilities that each focus on a particular category of products. 


Once you make a decision to furnish your home with New Classic Furniture, getting it to you is our top priority. We have the designs, the quality, and the selection you need - available in flexible mixed-container direct ordering to furnish every room. East and West Coast stocked warehouses provide quick shipment to our extensive network of retailers across the country. Our huge overseas warehouse allows us to replenish inventory quickly and our reliable and prompt fulfillment takes the worry out of furnishing your home.


We know what matters to you, which is why we deliver products that are stylish, durable, and affordable. We offer a range of possibilities through our distinct product categories, vast inventory, and unlimited adaptability. Our proprietary manufacturing allows us to ensure quality control throughout the entire process to deliver products that are sure to withstand the test of time.